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Welcome to Green School for Educators. Our mission is: Sharing a better model of education to make our world sustainable. We do this by:

  • Offering Purposeful Learning: We educate for sustainability through an online platform that allows you to learn from wherever you are. We hope to help you to build community-integrated, entrepreneurial and wall-less programs in your unique school environment. Our holistic, student-guided approach will inspire and empower you to be a leader in using your platform as an educator to help make the world more sustainable.
  • Creating a Passionate Community of Educators: We can change the world together. We want to inspire you to work together to educate people to live purposeful lives. Every time we work within a community framework, we have the opportunity to practice what a sustainable society can look and feel like. Let's share our diverse perspectives and grow our movement!
  • Promoting Wall-less Learning Environments: With open minds, open hearts, and a great love for our surroundings, we are committed to redefining the box of traditional education. We strive to manifest what we stand for: active learning, taking action, sustainability, passion and integration.

By design and intent, Green School for Educators is a dynamic platform – always changing, growing, and adapting. Click "Enroll Now" to see our current online courses and offerings. Click here to learn more about Green School, Bali.